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Hello, I’m Olivia, I have completed my degree at Central Saint Martins summer 2020 and studied Graphic Communication Design. I am a lover of colour and passionate about finding patterns and rhythms in everyday life and data.

Olivia Moss

I am multi disciplinary designer based in London with a love of finding natural patterns and rhythms within a range of data sets. I have recently completed studying Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins and achieved a First Class Honours Degree.

I use a range of mediums such as print and tactile materials combined with technology to transform the importance of the meaning throughout. I am constantly finding new techniques to engage and create positive communicative outputs from.

As a creative I aim to find methods to encourage the audience to slow down and take time to interpret information being presented to them, as in this modern day we are overflowing with information being pushed at us, consciously and unconsciously. I believe it is vital to create visuals that encourage careful consideration, reading and personal engagement to learn from. 

You can visit my graduate degree show here: https://graduateshowcase.arts.ac.uk/projects/4919/cover

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