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Hello, I’m Olivia, I have completed my degree at Central Saint Martins summer 2020 and studied Graphic Communication Design. I am a lover of colour and passionate about finding patterns and rhythms in everyday life and data.

Tapi - Patterns

The three data tapestries created are almost ‘environmental barcodes’ of each journey from the contrasting locations, a unique pattern associated with a journey of data in a certain amount of time and space. They each tell the narratives of the data which were told through the colour and size of the shapes, which I have called ‘tapi-patterns.’ I feel that through this unconventional way of visualising information, it brings it to life, through the textures, slight wonky lines and the small man made mistakes throughout it. By using these tapestries as a physical map and a visual journey of information that would otherwise have been unknown to the human eye, transforming invisible data into the visible.

Three hand loomed tapestries.
75 cm by 110 cm.