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Hello, I’m Olivia, I have completed my degree at Central Saint Martins summer 2020 and studied Graphic Communication Design. I am a lover of colour and passionate about finding patterns and rhythms in everyday life and data.

Wheres all our Water?

In the near future many cities across the world will face day zero, where they do not have any reliable water resources left. “Water becomes a commodity.  It takes a new value. People claim it, haul it, treasure it.”

‘Wheres all our water?’ is an educational project based our current situation with the world water crisis. An A2 screenprint along with an informative brochure that highlights the differences between water cases studies across the world. It shows examples and differences between countries which are in water scarcity and abusing their water system and countries that are creating sustainable  techniques to preserve their low water reserves.

A2 screenprint with brouchure.
Letter Press type.