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Hello, I’m Olivia, I have completed my degree at Central Saint Martins summer 2020 and studied Graphic Communication Design. I am a lover of colour and passionate about finding patterns and rhythms in everyday life and data.

Rimini & Rome

In the summer of 2017, myself & four other students from Central Saint Martin and 5 students from the Rome University of Fine Arts were chosen to spend two weeks in the Opficio Della Rosa Studios. We worked in the woodcut studios of the Montefiore castle in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy taught by Umberto Giovanni and Maria Pina. We created a series of reduction woodcut prints based on a trip to the city of Bologna. 

The work was exhibited in Rimini, FAR Art Factory Rimini, Piazza Cavour, in late
2017 and in Rome, RUFA Space - Pastificio Cerere, in early 2018