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Hello, I’m Olivia, I have completed my degree at Central Saint Martins summer 2020 and studied Graphic Communication Design. I am a lover of colour and passionate about finding patterns and rhythms in everyday life and data.

Your Data

Narratives are being created by us and around us at an ever constant pace, whether we realise it or not information is being created, sorted and analysed through different means and forms. Your Data has been created to give users a way to reclaim their own data sets they produce and give it value through physically manipulating it. From the stigma of a technical approach to data through purely numbers, this process give users a way to enhance their personal connection to their data pattern by forming physical data stories and narratives. I believe it is important to create visuals that encourage careful analysing, reading and personal engagement, by creating meanings and narratives of our own personal data we are finding ways to reclaim our own data that would otherwise be lost.

A 64 wooden block toolkit
A6 publication
Screenprinted cotton canvas pouch